About Sheilah Blaxill, CMT

SHEILAH E BLAXILL, L.M.T. – NPI #1508017195 CMT 20526
Orthobionomist, MT,  BA, Msc.

Sheilah has a bachelors degree in counseling psychology. Is a Certified Massage Therapist  with 4500 documented hours. Worked with medical  doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturist as a liaison. Dr. Michael Tarr, DC, Dr. Michael Howden, Acupuncturist, Rosie McNeily, Acupuncturist. Zoee Crowley, RN, Dr. Johnny Avalone, DC, Dr. Vernon Wolfe, PHD. 
Sheilah is excited to offer not just Orthobionomy as a bodywork but is 
working with the new Brain Sync  Breath Method to (rewire the brain) created by Sheilah. This method will align the Higher Brain heart connection.

In doing so aligns the centers and opens enlightened stages to the higher brain your (pre frontal Cortex). Heal your Mind, body, spirit, relationships, and Career.

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